How it works

MAGIC Savings Plan gives you the power to save.

Visualize it.

Declare your goal and pick an image to represent it. You can save with a partner or on your own.

Goal Name: Emergency Fund

Goal: save $125 / wk for 16 weeks = $2000
Weekly goal: Jim $70, Della $55

Text to save

To make a save for your goal, text MAGIC Savings Plan a dollar amount and a brief description of how you're able to save the money. For example:

  • 20 got shirt on sale
  • 15 watched movie at home
  • 6 no pie
  • 10 I just feel like saving
  • 50 worked extra hours

Good news travels fast

If you pick a savings partner, when you text us, we text them. And when they save, you’ll get a text. Each save creates momentum.

Your savings are safe

We transfer the money you save from the 'spending side' of your MAGIC Prepaid Card to the 'saving side' where it's kept safe for your goal or for whenever you need it.

$1385 so far and $615 to go

Yours to spend

When you want to spend your savings, log into your MAGIC prepaid card account and move your money from the 'savings side' of the card back to the 'spending side'.

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With the power of MAGIC Savings Plan, you will save more than you thought you could, improve your spending and savings habits, and reach your goals faster.

Saving with someone could help you save more.


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